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Mona Lisa Van Gogh

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Mona Lisa Van Gogh
An Artistic Comedy Routine

"You'll love what you get. Everything is top quality and beautiful to look at." Jeff Stone,

"The impact this has on an audience is unbelievable. It's AWESOME!" Jamie D. Grant, Magic Friday Reviews

Perfect comedy magic for the close-up or stand-up performer! Great audience participation with a touch of elegance!

The performer asks a volunteer to assist, saying that he believes they share the same taste in fine art. The magician shows the other spectators a small reproduction of the Mona Lisa as a prediction and sets it aside.

Now the magician says he will give the volunteer a free choice of several other famous paintings. The spectator doesn't see that they're all Mona Lisas, making the performer's success a certainty. The other audience members are in on the joke and laugh as they see that the paintings are all the same.

The volunteer chooses a painting and announces that the artist is...Van Gogh! The puzzled performer turns over the spectator's is indeed a scary-looking Van Gogh self-portrait.

The magician flips over his prediction. It's changed to the same Van Gogh, ending the routine successfully!