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Francis Carlyle: Technique and Timing CD

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Francis Carlyle: Technique and Timing


Over 200 pages of material
100 powerful close-up and stand-up effects
The complete Magic of Francis Carlyle, long out of print
Two-hour audio recording of Carlyle lecturing in 1970
Carlyle's Botany Book of Magic premium
Additional Carlyle effects
Carlyle lecture notes
60 pages of research and articles on Carlyle
New introduction by Carlyle student and biographer Roger Pierre
Complete index
Convenient PDF format on CD
Essential reading for the close-up magician and card man!

Francis Carlyle (1911-1975) was beloved and respected by magicians worldwide for his immaculate technique, clever sleight-of-hand, and razor-sharp wit. Francis Carlyle: Technique and Timing is a CD that brings you his life story and 100 of his finest effects, featuring Roger Pierre's long-unavailable classic The Magic of Francis Carlyle.

You'll also hear Francis Carlyle lecturing in 1970 on two hours of audio tracks, and you'll receive additional Carlyle effects, lecture notes, 60 PAGES of articles detailing his career, and his rare premium booklet The Botany Book of Magic.

We're also lucky enough to have a new introduction by author Roger-Pierre with his reminiscences of Francis Carlyle.


Francis Carlyle's Trail: 60 pages of research on the artistic path of Francis Carlyle (1913-1975)

The Botany Book of Magic (1940)   Francis Carlyle

The Magic of Francis Carlyle (1975)

New Introduction 2008 Roger-Pierre

First Lesson
The Two Black Aces
The Gun
Stanley Collins-Carlyle Ace Trick
The Educated Deck
Comedy Rising Card
The Peek

Second Lesson
Carlyle Ace Trick
Card Through Box and Hank
Dots It!
Infallible Thought Card
1 to 5 Change
Francis Carlyle False Count
Biddle Pop-Over
Coins Through the Table
Notes on the Double Lift
The Fan Location

Third Lesson
Cigarette Vanisher
Replacement of Bottom-Palmed Cards
The Fastest Change
The One-Hand Top Palm
The One-Hand Coin Switch
The Copper-Silver Transposition
The Signed Coin Switch
Expansion of Texture
Silver or Copper Extraction
Palmed Card Replacement
A Double Shuffle to Retain a Top Card
No-Pass Utility Move

Fourth Lesson
Carlyle's Miracle
The Vernon Touch
Out of This World Tips and Bits of Business
Impromptu Jack McMillen Rising Card
Matching the Selected Card
The Al Leech Discovery of Aces
Another Utility Move

Fifth Lesson
One-Handed Pass Locator
Transposition Reverse
The Old Ash Trick
Al Baker's Version
Professor Loewy's Palm
The Bottom Palm
Dice Switches
The Top Change
Sucker Tricks
Sugar Transfer
The New Revised Version of the Homing Card
A Multiple Card and Steal

Sixth Lesson
Glass Through the Table
Date Card Trick
The Slip Force
The Card to Pocket
Herb Zarrow's False Shuffle
Carlyle's Cold Deck Switches
The Five and One Dollar Transpo

Seventh Lesson
The Nail Writer
The Three-Digit Miracle of Calder
Dunninger's Addition Slates
More Bits of Business
Annemann's Test of the Tiber
Sightless Vision
The Magician's Nightmare

Eighth Lesson
The Salted Deck
The Mnemonic Code
Pat Hennesy's Any Card
The False Middle Cut
Another Peek
The Tom Hawbecker Triple Prediction

Ninth Lesson
Card to Borrowed Envelope and Wallet
Top and Bottom of the Glass Transposition
Card Transpo Move
Transpo in the Hand
The Poker Hand
The Salt Gimmick Hand Servante
Father Blantz
Sponge Balls
Almost Half
The Second Deal
The Passé-Passé Cards

The Finale
The Paul Le Paul Wallet

Francis Carlyle Lecture Notes
The Homing Card
The Coins Through Table
Francis Carlyle on the Glide
1. The Vernon Glide
2. Red and Black Aces
3. Henry Christ’s Pressure Trick
4. Vanish for Stanley Collins Aces
The Houdini Card

Additional Effects
Card in Lady's Purse
Card That Finds Itself
Convening Kings
Snap Double Lift
Transposition in Reverse

Francis Carlyle 1970 Lecture Audio Tracks
Two hour duration