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Roy Benson by Starlight by Levent and Todd Karr

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Roy Benson by Starlight
Levent and Todd Karr

800 pages
1200 step-by step illustrations
600 historical images

"This is one of the most thoroughly detailed magic books I've ever read. I thought I knew a lot about Roy Benson; he was one of my idols. But it's just mind-boggling how much actual useful information there is here. Not just about Roy Benson, but about how a real-world magic star thinks about his tricks. This is one of the best books ever written about standup sleight of hand magic. It's just thrilling." — Mac King

"Wow! You and Levent have done a truly incredible job of research and writing. I couldn't put the manuscript down.... Your coverage of all the details about Roy's handling of his major effects is awesome. I can't think of any other magician, past or recent, who has had such a thorough coverage of both biography and methods...and not just of Roy but of Leipzig. Congratulations!" — Martin Gardner

Roy Benson was a legendary performer: a brilliant magician whose ingenious techniques baffled his peers, a superb manipulator, and a daring comedy magician considered far ahead of his time. In Roy Benson by Starlight, you can finally learn his most sought-after secrets.

The book includes over fifty incredible effects and sleights, including the famous Benson Bowl Routine, Long Salt Pour, Billiard Balls, Linking Rings, Miser’s Dream, card moves, coin effects, stage magic, close-up, and comedic routines.

You'll also learn from Benson’s essays on presentation and showmanship and the complete text of Benson’s lost book The Second Oldest Profession and his scarce Benson on Magic booklet

Roy Benson by Starlight also features a complete biography of Roy Benson and an entire section on Benson's teacher, Nate Leipzig, with twenty Leipzig effects, Leipzig's autobiography, and dozens of rare Leipzig photos


Preface   Levent
Psychopathic Suite for Piano and Triangle   Todd Karr
An Artistic Evolution   Levent
Benson of the Fords   Liane Curtis

The Second Oldest Profession: A Study in Magic Introduction   Roy Benson

Magic Without Mercy: Roy Benson's Stage Act
1. Oh, See The Pretty Thing
2. The Three Chinese Sticks
3. The Benson Billiard Ball Routine
4. The Benson Salt Pour
5. The Psychiatrist Routine
6. Encore: The Siamese Act

7. Strictly Underhanded
8. The Six Card Redux
9. Benson's Deck Switch
10. The Knife Force
11. The Card on Glass

12. The Finger Palm and Malini's Lady
13. Benson's Copper and Silver
14. Impromptu Coin Vanish
15. Banished
16. The Visible Miser's Dream
17. The New Miser's Dream

18. The Billiards
19. The No-Move Color Change
20. The Shell Turn
21. The Leipzig Drop
22. The Vanishing Ball
23. The Ball Box

24. The Benson Bowl
25. The Ring on Stick
26. The Cigarette Vanish
27. The Flash Cigarette
28. The Wand from Purse
29. Close-Up Favorites

Stage Magic
30. The Bizarre Bag
31. The Benson Linking Ring Routine
32. The Vanishing Silk
33. The Benson Rice Bowls
34. The Hugard Newspaper Tear
35. The Dice Box
36. The Hydrostatic Cravis
37. The Wines of Beelzebub

38. Steals and Holders
39. The Kellar Finger
40. The Magician and his Table
41. Flesh Paint

The Words of Roy Benson
1. Presentation
2. Routining
3. Entrances and Exits
4. Acting
5. Audiences
6. Hecklers
7. Wardrobe
8. Music
9. Television
10. Amateurs and Professionals
11. Peers
12. Children
13. On the Death of Vaudeville
14. Some Thoughts on Presentation

Benson on Magic (1972)

A Record of Nate Leipzig
Quietly Astounding   Roy Benson
The Autobiography of Nate Leipzig   Nate Leipzig
Leipzig: Merlin of Legend   Fred Keating

Twenty by Leipzig
The Magnetic Knife
The Leipzig Pass and a Miracle Therewith
Leipzig’s Red and Blue Pack
The Ubiquitous Cards
Effect with Two Packs
Delayed Location
Five Hands
Penetrating Card
Nate Leipzig’s Card Through Handkerchief
The Imaginary Rubber Band
The Complementary Cards
Leipzig’s Pocket Card Trick
Peek Procedure
The Revolving Peek
The Knee Vanish
The Leipzig Center Cut
Card-Stab Procedure
Match Swindle
Nate Leipzig’s Grindstone

From Leipzig’s Pen
36 Years A Magician
P. T. Selbit
Harry Kellar

Appendix 1: Nothing from Nothing: Further Adventures of Roy Benson
Appendix 2: Letter from a Carnival   Connye Benson



Levent and Todd Karr have written a marvelous book.... The research that went into this massive work is awesome. I know of no magician, living or dead, whose life and methods have been so fully and lovingly covered. — Martin Gardner, M-U-M amazing collection of material...a treasure trove for historians....
In the descriptions of his tricks, you will see an attention to detail that will astound you as deeply as the finest sleight-of-hand performance you have ever witnessed. — Brad Henderson, Magic

...a riveting portrait of this past master of our art...a virtuoso dissection of Benson's material...a seamless and important magic book. — Eric Mead, Genii

…fascinating…. Readers interested in any aspect of magic won't be able to put this book down. At 800 pages, they may also have a hard time picking it up, but it is decidedly worth the effort. — Alan Howard, Vaudeville Times

Customer Reviews

Roy Benson was a man ahead of his time, and now we have the book to prove it. Jonathan Pendragon

Roy Benson by Starlight is astonishing. Levent and Todd Karr's detective-like research into this man's career and magical methods has given me a clear picture of the life of a great performer and inventor. The book is a manipulator's dream, filled with enough moves to keep my hands busy for years. I am sure this book will become a classic of magic. Jeff McBride

This is one of the most thoroughly detailed magic books I've ever read. I thought I knew a lot about Roy Benson; he was one of my idols. But it's just mind-boggling how much actual useful information there is here. Not just about Roy Benson, but about how a real-world magic star thinks about his tricks. This is one of the best books ever written about standup sleight of hand magic. It's just thrilling. Mac King

The book is simply marvelous. It's the book, the magic and the message that Roy would've put out if he had enough time. It's worthy of great praise. Johnny Thompson

A wonderful study of the unsung genius of Roy Benson. It's a beautiful, well-written book with great material. John Carney

At first, I thought, "This is a big book! I'll never read it all." Now I can't wait to finish this book so I can start over and read it again!" Bill Malone

The true weight of this book is not in its scale-tipping size, but in its significance to the craft of magic. In Roy Benson by Starlight, Levent and Todd Karr have illuminated the life and artistry of Roy Benson with such clarity and care that it impresses from the first page to the last. A treasure. Bruce Gold

The new work by Levent and Todd Karr; a treasure for the ages! Transcendent, sublime...if you buy only one book this year, this should be it! Jim Patton

Your work amazes me! Received the Benson book and it continues to represent among the very finest in book publications...of ANY genre. Ted Leon

You've given a great gift to me and to the entire magic (and world) community. I can't put it down. It's just a wonderfully loving tribute to him. Even as I type this, I'm excited at the thought of getting back to it! Fitzgerald

The book arrived this afternoon. It is incredible! Wonderful information. Jim Riser

Today I received Roy Benson By Starlight ! What a wonderful book!!! Pius Cuppers

I just want to tell you how much I enjoyed spending the weekend with Mr. Benson. You did a wonderful job! I can't remember the last time I eagerly awaited a magic book and said book exceeded my expectations! Bravo! Jon Stetson

Roy Benson by Starlight may be the last magic book I ever buy. This book has everything any magician will ever need. I can't see how any other magic book could match this depth of information. Doug Scheer

Just wanted to add my thanks and unending admiration about the Benson book and the mind-numbing amount of work that you and Levent put into it. I just finished it and will be going back over the vast amount of ground that you cover. The amount of detail you put into the photos and the descriptions make this THE textbook to learn the classics the right way. Jerry Hart

Roy Benson by Starlight is the most enjoyable magic book I have ever read. The effects are some of the best, and the explanations are top notch. You have really outdone yourself! Ari Simon

What I have read and studied about Roy in Roy Benson by Starlight so far has made me feel like I should have known and studied him years ago. I'm glad I can get acquainted with him after all these years through this marvelous book...Thanks guys, it was worth the wait. Dick Bowman

The Roy Benson book has exceeded my expectations. It was definitely worth the wait. It's pure classic favorite! Thanks again. Kerry Dodson

What a great book and so fun to read. Thanks again for producing what will be another classic in the world of magic! Shep Hyken

I got my copy on Friday and spent the weekend devouring it - it is truly a masterpiece on how to perform magic. Please pass on my thanks to Levent for all his hard work. I appreciate this book has been a labour of love for you both and I'm so pleased to have it. It really has made me examine myself as a performer and given me inspiration. Dominic Kent

What a beautiful, wonderful book! Larry Hass

Roy Benson by Starlight is FANTASTIC! You two have clearly paid attention to the same level of detail that Roy did in producing so much beautiful classic and original magic. As authors, you have immortalized the thoughts, ideas, and magic of a forgotten master. I look forward to your next project. Keep up the phenomenal work! Bruce Sinclair

You indeed should be proud of this is destined for greatness. Newell Unfried

I must say what a wonderful book it is. First of all, it is beautifully produced and contains some wonderful magic from a great performer. It is the sort of book I love to read...a superb production. I can't put it down. Tony Griffith

You and Levent have produced a book to be extremely proud of. Thanks for a book to treasure. William Broecker

This book is absolutely phenomenal. It is firmly in my top ten favorite magic books of all time. Tom Ladshaw

It is truly a great achievement and will stand as one of the outstanding magic books of our time. I've always been a big fan of Roy Benson and am glad he is finally getting the recognition he so richly deserves. Kudos to Levent and yourself on doing a magnificent job. Torkova

Congratulations on a most weighty book. You deserve acclaim for your impressive contribution to magic literature. Donald Desfor

This book is EVERYTHING promised and so much more. I never saw Roy Benson perform, but I believe I hold the next best thing in my hands now. David Linsell

It is truly a gem! Not only does it spotlight a great magician not well known by many in the business today but it is also a superior textbook. I wish this tome had been available during the 23 years my weekly "Magicland" TV show was on the air. It would have made the task of constantly coming up with different material easier. And better! Thanks! Dick Williams

Roy Benson by Starlight is one of the best books I have read, and I have nearly all magic books in my library. Kurt Bai

Received the fantastic Benson book today. I can already now say that this book will change the way I do magic.amazing ! Thank you for excellent service and an outstanding book. Asser Sloth Andersen

Roy Benson by Starlight is the best book I have ever read. I literally laughed out loud and cried reading this book and learned so much about routines I thought I understood. You and Levent should be commended for the labor of love you have created. I cherish the book and the wait made it even better. I highly recommend it to anyone. I give both of you a standing ovation. Chris Randall