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It's Magic: The 1955 T.V. Magic Series DVD

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It's Magic: The 1955 T.V. Magic Series DVD

Rare footage of top performers
Roy Benson with his Salt Pour and Three Chinese Sticks
Tommy Tucker and Betty's unbelievably smooth code act
Fred Keating in the only film of his Needle Swallowing
Al Flosso's classic act
Comedy by the legendary A. Robins, The Banana Man
Additional illusions and production numbers
Original commercial announcements
60 minutes of footage
Digitally remastered on DVD

During its summer 1955 run, the It's Magic series brought some fantastic performers to television and filmed them in extended, uncut performances. In the show's brief life, entertainer Paul Tripp hosted top names like Roy Benson, Al Flosso, Fred Keating, Tommy and Betty Tucker, Kuda Bux, and comic A. Robins.

Long unseen, this It's Magic footage preserves invaluable renditions of Roy Benson performing his superb sleight-of-hand (including his famous Salt Pour and Chinese Sticks) in a faux naif character; the super-smooth second-sight code act of Tommy Tucker and Betty; the only surviving film of Fred Keating's trademark Needle Swallowing; Al Flosso in a great version of his Miser's Dream act; Kuda Bux's famed Blindfold Act; and the bizarre prop comedy of A. Robins.

The DVD includes all the original production numbers, additional illusions, and old-style promotional announcements.

All chapters on the DVD are accessible through a complete menu.

This DVD was created in collaboration with William McIlhany.


Hosted by Paul Tripp

Al Flosso
Paper to Hat
Miser's Dream
Hat Production

A. Robins, the Banana Man
Classic comedy act with huge productions of bananas and watermelons, trick musical instruments, color changing tie

Kuda Bux
Blindfold Act with writing duplication, addition, and blind shooting

Roy Benson
Flash Cigarette Production
Three Chinese Sticks
Salt Pour

Tommy Tucker and Betty
Two-Person Code Act with identification of objects in audience

Fred Keating
Wintertime in China
Needle Swallowing
Voodoo Switch Illusion