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Mystic Craig's Camera 3-DVD set

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Mystic Craig's Camera: A Record of 20th Century Magic

3-DVD Set

Over six hours of footage
Three DVDs for optimum viewing quality
Lectures and performances by Dai Vernon, Brother John Hamman, U. F. Grant, Jack Miller, Kalanag, Edward Victor, and Peter Warlock

"This is an incredible collection of films. (We) have dreamed of having these wonders in our collection. Now we can have over six hours of these films to watch at our pleasure." — Dustin Stinett, Genii

"...the video encapsulates moments of history that are priceless." — Michael Claxton, Magic

From the early 1950s to mid-1960s, Mystic Craig (William Vagell) shot extensive film in the U.S. and Great Britain, footage that contains a unique historical record of mid-twentieth century magic. This three DVD set collects the best of Mystic Craig's films, now with digitally enhancement and optimized sound.

You'll see Dai Vernon in 1960 performing his classics at Tannen's Jubilee; Brother Hamman presenting his card feats; U.F. Grant lecturing on his simple but ingenious creations; Jack Miller revealing his secrets of sleeving and the hold-out; footage of greats like Kalanag and Levante...and more! See the contents page for a detailed index.

It's a collection that will share valuable material with the professional performer and delight the magic history buff as well.

This three-DVD set has been created in collaboration with magic film historian William McIlhany, now with digital enhancement and optimized sound.


1. Mystic Craig Party
Guests include Cardini, Dai Vernon, Francis Carlyle, June Merlin, and Louis Tannen

2. Dai Vernon
1960 Tannen's Jubilee Performance
Coins and Glass
Coin Routine
Ball and Cone
Cards to Pocket
Balls in Net

3. Brother John Hamman
1958 Performance
Hosted by Milbourne Christopher
Five effects including The Mystic Nine and Face-Up/Face-Down Surprise

4. Brother John Hamman
1961 Performance
Twelve effects including Micro-Macro

5. U. F. Grant
Magical Treasures Lecture
Rope Through Neck
Chair Penetration
Ring Through Rope
Ring on Rope in Hat
Torn and Restored Card
Mid-Air Card Change
Ink to Water Card Revelation
Knife Through Coat
Coin to Key
Thimble Penetration
Half Dollar Through Hat
Bottle and Straw Suspension
Silk and Ball Penetration
Glass of Milk through Hat
Triple Prediction
Ring Transposition
Spirit Knocker
Magazine Production
Goldfish Bowl Production
Chain Linking
Shot Glass Egg Bag

1. Jack Miller
1960 Post-Graduate Lecture
Linking Rings
Holdout Techniques

2. Jack Miller
1960 Performance

Substitution Trunk

Peter Warlock
1956 Lecture
Slate Message
Silks Off Rope
Thimble through Silk
Silk Production
Silk Vanish in Glass
Pound Note Challenge
Fan Control
Front Crash Move
Ring on Rope
Disks Off Rope
Sympathetic Cards

Elizabeth Warlock
Five Tests of the Catalyst

Peter Warlock
Ring and Rope Routine

Gloria De Vos backyard movie
1958 silent color footage of his full-evening show

Edward Victor
Magic of the Hands Lecture
A One Hand Force
The Thirty Card Trick
The Changing Coin
A Sleight with Four Thimbles
An Elbow Vanish with a Billiard Ball
A Move for the Rising Cards
Bottom Control
Silent with captions:
A Passe-Passe Billiard Ball Effect
The Flying Salt
The E.V. Stretching Rope
Ring and Rope
A Novel Cigar Production
An Impromptu Salt on Knife Trick
Switching a Pack
My Rope Trick
Card Manipulations